PlioBond 25 -1 Gallon
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PlioBond 25 -1 Gallon

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PlioBond 25 is used to bond non-porous and porous surfaces an comes ready to used.

Why Choose PlioBond 25?

  • PlioBond 25 can be used as a sealer, primer, water repellent, or a coating for metal, wood, plastic, plastic film, ceramic, bone, ivory, glass, rubber, paper, leather, plaster, drywall insulation, concrete, brick, and stone
  • PlioBond 25 resists shock, mold, oxidation, and chipping 
  • PlioBond 25 remains flexible over a wide range of temperatures 
  • PlioBond 25 has a low water absorption rate
  • PlioBond 25 can be applied by spraying, rolling, coating, knife coating, and brushing